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Ugg Boots: The Craze All Over The World

Are you familiar with the term 'Ugg boots'? These boots are generally made from 100% sheepskin. They help in keeping the feet comfortable and dry. They became popular during the World Wars and were used by the aviators in keeping their feet warm when flying in the non-pressurized planes. In the 1960s the Australian surfers would put on their Uggs to warm up their feet after riding the waves. Originally trademarked in the country of Australia, people out there in the early days used to wear a pair of these boots in their house in mild winters. It is since then that the Uggs have become a craze all over the world especially the cold countries.

Ugg boots are manufactured using high quality sheepskin, which is popular as twin faced. This unique material enables the boots to breathe and wick thereby allowing the feet to remain dry. Sheepskin generally insulates and so these boots keep the bare feet warm in even temperatures as low as -30F. The hard sole and sturdy stitching of these boots as well as the water resistant quality of the boot material makes these boots a well constructed as well as a durable one. Although they look bit heavy but in reality they are very light in weight. Walking in these boots make one feels like walking around in slippers of just socks. The best part about these boots is that they are available in almost all sizes fitting the feet size of every individual. They provide a snug fit.

Ugg boots are considered as one of the most fashionable pieces of shoes in today's fashion conscious world. Although there are many who think these boots to be unstylish and unfashionable because of its old and big appearance, but in reality this is actually the feature that makes it stand out in crowd. Fashionable ladies realize the boots main feature and consider it to be a must have pair in their wardrobe.

The term 'Ugg' is basically the short for 'ugly'. Now with changing of time there has been change in the design and style of these boots but the basic features of these boots that made it popular as Ugg remain the same. These boots might not be that flattering what it actually lacks in is its looks but not to worry because it makes up in its comfort level. Just imagine walking down on a rugged terrain with a pair of high heels. After you come back to your destined place, you will discover huge blisters on your feet but if you walk around with a pair of these Uggs boots you won't hurt your feet. So, comfort is the USP of these boots and this is what makes it popular among people.

There are many online stores that sell these boots. Always make it a point to buy from a reputed and reliable store or else you might be provided with a fake Ugg boot.