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Let's Breakdown Fragrance Notes So You Know What the Experts Kno

In a previous article I wrote about the importance of knowledge relative to fragrance notes. Some of the synonyms for knowledge are: Facts, Familiarity, Awareness, & Understanding.

There was a famous pop culture expression said by fictional detective Joe Friday (i.e., Dragnet), "Just the facts maam". He wasn't interested in frivolous information he just wanted the facts.

In shopping for a product or service it is important to take the time to get the facts or having a better understanding or awareness about a product or service to minimize the anxiety when making the final decision.

When the product is very personal such as a male or female fragrance, it would be prudent to spend some time and review the information on fragrance families and fragrance notes. Just opening a bottle of cologne and/or perfume and taking a sniff isn't enough. Do yourself a favor and give your olfactory senses some knowledge.


The fragrance notes give any cologne or perfume its unique scent or character. They are carefully blended to cause a pleasant olfactory experience. Imagine the difference between looking at notes on a piece of music or knowing how to read the notes.

The classic scent of Chanel #5 and the more modern ACQUA DI GIO don't just happen... let's take a closer look...

Chanel #5:

Introduced in 1921 combining a classic scent of sparkling florals

Sparking florals sound very appealing but let's add other categories such as scent strength: moderate; recommended age: mature; scent life: 6-10 hours; recommended use: casual; classification: flowery.

Now you've got a better understanding of this classic scent.

ACQUA DI GIO cologne:

Introduced in 1997), by Giorgio Armani

Combinescitrus notes, rosemary spiciness, jasmine, and wood.

Add other categories you learn the following: scent strength: moderate; recommended age: perfect for anyone; scent life: 6-10 hours; recommended use: casual; classification: citrus/fruity.

Now we've learned that Chanel #5 has a floral scent and ACQUA DI GIO is classified citrus/fruity. We know that both have similar scent strength and both can be worn as a casual/everyday scent.

With this information you now havesome facts, familiarity, awareness and a better understanding of Chanel and ACQUA DI GIO. You can apply the same process to any fragrance (s) you're interested in purchasing. And when it comes to purchasing the decision is simple. You go to your home computer, go on-line and save. There's no need to go to a department store and pay their outrageously high prices. There is no overhead when you shop on-line and your order is shipped to your home in a matter of days.