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How to Take Care of Your Designer Leather Handbags

To be trendy and stand out from the crowd of people, most people go for expensive designer handbags. Though they may cost people a large amount of money, they really deserve any investment. Since they are so precious, it is not surprising that people want a longer life of these highly priced bags, and make their money more valuable. So it is important to take special care of them, no matter what brands they are of. Most designer handbags are crafted from the highest quality genuine calfskin or lambskin to create extremely classic and exquisite look. Though it offers a very supple touch, it is also very hard to maintain. Here I list some tips to help you keep your genuine leather bags soft, supple, smooth and look good even after years of use.

First, one of the greatest enemies of genuine leather bags is stains. In fact, leather does stain quite easily and it is really not an easy thing to clean it. So you'd better keep your bags away from makeup, food, or any other oil based product which can stain. If unfortunately, your bags are stained, try do wipe it with a soft damp cloth. If this doesn't work, try a leather cleaner specifically made for the type of leather you have. Besides, the interior of bags should also keep clean. So while carrying your makeup in them, make sure your lipsticks, loose powders, eyeliner or other accessories are specially put in another pouch pocket. What's more, while carrying pens and pencils, you should do that as well since they may leave in stains and some chemicals in ink will affect the outside leather.

Second, keep your bags far away from extreme weather condition like strong sunlight and rain. As everybody knows, for a leather bag, the harmful UV rays of the sunlight and heavy rain are poisons for it. They may cause your genuine leather bags become dry and brittle or fade.

Third, pay special attention to handles of the bags. They are really important pieces for any bag since they bear the weight of everything you carry. According to the shape and size of your bag, you should estimate the capacity of it. Do not overstuff your bag, if not, the handles may break anytime.

Last, if you don't carry your bags several days, you are strongly recommended to store it in the dust bag cover and then store them in your closet. What's more, you should fill them with cotton fabric or something else to keep the shape.

Follow the tips above may help you to keep your designer bags in good conditions. In a word, if you don't want your hard-earned money you spent on them go to waste, you should take good care.