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How Barbour Jackets Fit In With The Latest Men's Designer Clothi

If you're a fan of men's designer clothing then you've almost certainly worked your way through things such as shoes, trousers, shirts, jackets and perhaps even hats. If you're a connoisseur of men's fashion then you'll have focussed on getting the perfect look for you. In fact you may have your outfit perfect, all except for one thing - your coat.

You see the problem for many people is that they can look smart, be stylish and have everything right, except that when it comes to keeping warm there's a serious gap in their wardrobe. It isn't that there is a gap in the market. In fact the market is there, and there are plenty of coats available. It's just that when it comes to men's designer fashion many high street stores tend to overlook the practical coats and jackets, offering instead those jackets and coats which look good, and don't interfere with the rest of your style or look.

However, it's important to think about the practical issues, because no matter how fantastic your look and how stylish you appear, if you're frozen or wet, there's really precious little benefit to be had. However, there are a few names which manage to cross the border quite comfortably from men's designer fashion to practicality, and back again.

Whether you're looking for a stylish look that also offers a fantastic amount of durability and warmth or you're looking for a practical coat which also offers up to date styles and fashionable looks then there are few names to compete with Barbour. Originally founded in Scotland which is perhaps one of the best places in the world to make and design coats, since they have plenty of weather there to test them out in, Barbour is now an international company making a huge variety of coats, all of which are eagerly anticipated and purchased by those in the know.

As far as those people in the know are concerned, there are some quite well known fans of Barbour jackets, including the Royal Family. When you practically own the country, and are seen by the eyes of the world almost every minute of your life, you'll want a jacket or coat which will withstand hard use, will continue to look good even with regular use, will cope with conditions as extreme as a shooting weekend in Scotland to a formal event in the middle of London in February, you need a coat which will look good, feel comfortable, keep you warm and dry, and will have the durability to cope with real world use, not just fashion parade wear.

This is why Barbour jackets have been one of the chosen brands for one of the most well known and publicly viewed families in the world. But it's not just about the name. Certainly Barbour jackets are a name which most people know and which is respected all over the world. But there is a good reason why Barbour have the name they do. It's been well and truly earned, and this is through a combination of style, comfort, practicality and durability.

Firstly, a Barbour jacket offers style, and in terms of men's designer clothing, is both bang up to date with the latest looks and colours, as well as offering timeless looks which have changed very little over the years, simply because they don't have to. As far as comfort is concerned, Barbour jackets are tailored and fitted, rather than just swamping you in a shapeless quilted blanket. The look is designed to be loose enough for you to get on with things, yet tight enough to be comfortable and keep you warm. As far as durability is concerned, with proper care Barbour jackets will almost certainly outlive any other men's' designer clothing you own, keeping your next few wardrobes warm and dry too!