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Grey Classic UGG - What to Shop For in Women's and Girls' Boots

Grey Classic UGG Boots are some of the most looked-for boots in the UGG Australia lineup - likely due to their soft color that is so versatile!  When searching down the perfect pair of these Grey Classic boots, one might be interested to know that there are more than just one or two styles in the collection to choose from - here is a lineup of what can be found among Grey Classic UGG boots for fall and winter 2009 and 2010:

Classic Tall and Short - This is very likely what most people have in mind when searching for UGG Classic boots in grey, and are the most popular of the bunch.  In fact one could say that these are the "main staples" in the entire collection!  These can be found in the short version for both women and girls - however, I was only able to locate women's sizes in the tall.  (As a note, the short version can also be found in grey for toddlers.)

Bailey Button - This might just be the new "hot ticket" this year in the UGG Classics lineup.  It is a version of the Classic Short boot, but with button closures on the side that adds quite a bit to the looks of the boot.  This is a good choice for those ladies who might like a "touch of flair" with their classic footwear.  Available in women's sizes only.

Classic Cardy - These boots have come into their own in the fashion world - crochet upper with an inner sheepskin sock for comfy wear and great fit.  The Cardy boots are some of the most versatile winter footwear I've seen with their ability to be worn straight up the leg and buttoned, folded over buttoned or pushed down the leg for a slouchy appearance.  Available in grey for both women and girls.

Argyle Knit - Officially the color of grey for these boots is "Charcoal" which is a lovely dark shade of grey.  These have a knit upper with a lovely argyle pattern - very soft and romantic looking no matter the color.