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Coaching Skills - Coaching Your Way To Success

Have you thought about using a coach to help you expand your business, or to help you to achieve goals and objectives? This article will explore ways in which to get the best out of coaching.

What is Coaching:

Coaching is about guiding you through your issues or problems or help you to achieve success using your own thought process by asking probing questions to understand your issues.

A good coach will use various tools and methods to guide you to developing goals and work through how you can achieve those goals by helping you to determine a realistic and meaningful plan of action which you will be able to follow on your own.

A coach also gives you a sense of accountability as having regular coaching sessions helps to keep you in check and keeps you focused on working through your plan. Far too easily we can get side tracked with other menial things that in reality do not take us towards our goals. Coaching helps to guide you and keep you on track.

A good coach will also be a good listener, as it is not their place to 'tell' you what to do next, they will listen to you and by asking questions try to translate what it is you are thinking or trying to get to. They help you define your thoughts, put them into perspective and priority, helping you to clear the 'mind clutter' happening inside your head.

A good coach will also help you to develop your strengths but also to help you identify your weaknesses and to work with you to find a way to either develop or get around that weakness.

They will help supply you with tools and techniques to equip you to be able to coach yourself.

What Coaching is Not

SO now we know what coaching is here are some things on what a coach is not.

Coaching is not about giving instructions or directing someone in any way.

It is not about giving your opinion or giving you a solution to your problem, it has to feel right for you the client, therefore a coach should be guiding you with your own thought processes as mentioned above.

Mentoring is totally different to coaching, mentoring is where someone offers advice based on knowledge and experience and often maturity.

It's not about hand holding and walking you through a process or problem.

It's not about 'beating you up' when you don't meet your objectives, a good coach will help to guide you to identify reasons why you did not meet that objective through questions and technique designed to pull out the answer from your own thoughts.

The Benefits

Sometimes our mind is full of noise and mind chatter, we are unable to focus on our issues or find resolutions to them. Sometimes we do arrive at a solution, but rather ad hoc, and sometimes we find ourselves in similar situations but cannot remember how we got out of it last time in a structured and detailed manner.

You can benefit from having to develop a clear thought process for focussing on a particular issue and pulling up the right tools and techniques that will help you resolve that issue or meet your objective through good coaching. You tend to get things done in half the time, and you can see the benefits of improved performance. That alone saves you time and money and unnecessary stress.

Even the top coaches have coaches to help keep them on track!

So, if you feel you are stuck in a particular area in your life and you would like to work your way through that quickly having the right coach to guide you will save you time and help you to move on quickly to other things you wish to achieve. There are coaches in many areas, Life coaching, Business coaching, Executive Coaching, Youth Coaching, Marketing Coach and many more.