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26 Miles 385 Yards - Do You Need a Coach to Run That?

Well, it's not easy to write 26,385 articles, but then again it's not easy to run 26 miles and 385 yards either. You see, a marathon is exactly 26 miles, 385 yards as that is the tradition which goes with the ancient story. Needless to say, it's a long way. Okay so, why do you think I mention this? Well, it turns out that this is my 26,385th article, and it's been a long road, but to reach this goal feels good, just as finishing a marathon is a great sense of accomplishment which seems to make up for the pain and the purple toes - how do you think I know that. Now then, let's talk about goals and your article writing for a moment shall we?

As a competitive runner in my younger days, I generally had coaches, but not always. Do you need a coach to run a marathon? No, certainly not, you might buy a few books on running, and borrow a training schedule or two off the Internet, the rest is your personal strength of character, perseverance, and adherence to that training. There are very few people who have never run a marathon cold turkey without training and if there were they were probably in excellent shape and under the age of 30, and perhaps conditioned from some other sport or daily strenuous activity. I guess what I'm saying is; it isn't easy.

But really, whether you are writing articles or running marathons the best coach is in your mind, it's you. Many people are insecure, and they lack the self-confidence. Some people can do it on their own without someone else telling them what to do, perhaps they've submitted to authority for so long they can no longer think on their own. Perhaps they've been beaten down one too many times, and just can't get up and deal with it anymore. If this is you, you were not alone, but it is time that you break out of that shell, and go do something great.

I suppose it is not fair for me to stand on a soap box without walking or running, or even peddling my talk, this is why I am currently contemplating to ride across the United States on my bicycle. Is it feasible without a coach, or riding without a team of riders? Sure, it depends on the individual. Remember, "if you believe you can't, you are right," and just like anything else, there is no easy way.

It is hard to stay on track to accomplish your goals, it takes perseverance, dedication, commitment, and sometimes all you got to get it done. Somewhere along the journey you discover who you are, what you're about, and what you're capable of. Somewhere along the line you reach your limit, and then surpass it.

At some point you realize that there are no limits and that those limits that you once believed were impossible to conquer are now mile markers, and they are miles behind you. Let me tell you something. In this life there is nothing you can't do. You own this life, this is your life experience, it is your choice.

If you live in the United States of America, you live with liberty, freedom, and you are allowed to pursue your happiness, and achieve all that you can, and all that you wish to. There is only one stipulation.

If you want to reach that goal, no matter how lofty, you must never give up.

I guess that's what I would like to say to this next generation. I guess this is what I would like to say to those people that don't have a job, those people who are complaining about the hardships, about the economy, about the politics, or about the future. You create your own future, and I guess at this point I only have one question to ask; "what is holding you back?"

You don't need a coach to ask that question, nor do you need one to answer it. The answer is in your mind, and you can see it if you look in your mirror. Don't you ever give up - and when you reach that goal, and you look back at where you've been, and you realize that those shattered barriers never actually existed in the first place - they were self or society imposed.

When you break through those barriers and limits while shifting and accelerating forward, then you will know what I know. Then you will know what it's like to live a life with no limits. It doesn't matter if you are writing 26,385 articles or running 26 miles 385 yards without stopping - nor is it any different if you get on your bicycle and ride across the United States.

The only limits which exist are in your mind.

Choose victory, ditch the excuses. You don't need hope, you need to take action.