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2012 Nike Golf Shoes

Nike has a host of golf players on their staff; Michelle Wie, Stephen Ames, Suzanne Pettersen, and the legend Tiger Woods. Nike accommodates every one of their staff players with top of the line equipment, from the finest golf clubs available i.e. the VR_S Driver for men and ladies, also with the VR_S Iron series. The clubs incorporates the finest technology available today from any manufacturer. With state of the art designs Nike has already bagged three major championship wins this year, not a bad start to the season.

One thing many people overlook when it comes to Nike Golf; is Nike Golf Shoes. Nike is a premier manufacturer of athletic shoes, period. There are only a few other companies that can rival Nike's dominance in athletic shoe apparel, Adidas and maybe, Puma. Other than that, Nike stands on top of the soap box millennia's ahead of their competition.

For the 2012 catalog Nike has released 13 pairs of stylish kicks for the men golfers out there and also a pair of high quality sandals. Most of the shoes in the 2012 line are equipped with a set of Scorpion Stinger Spikes with a Tri-LOK System, giving a good platform from the tee box and traction all golfers need. If you are looking for a new age look, Nike Golf can accommodate you with a pair of the Nike Dunk Golf Shoes. The Nike Dunks are crafted from high quality grain leather and are featured in 4 different bold color schemes, including: White/Black - Soar, White/Cargo Khaki - Safety Orange, White/Black - Granite, and White/Court Green - Black.

If the bright colors and brazen designs do not fit the appearance you are looking for, Nike also has a more contemporary scheme that will sure to suit your tastes. The Zoom TW 2012 golf shoes would be ideal for you. The Tiger Woods shoes have every single facet a golfer could desire in a golf shoe from the performance boost technologies to high fashion looks.

The Nike Zoom TW is manufactured from premium full grain waterproof leather, backed by a two-year waterproof warranty from Nike. The assurance of Nike backing the product they make, makes this shoe just that much better. The shoe is also made with Zama Spikes giving unmatched stability coupled with Nike Power Platform; which gives an added increase in club speed each and every swing.

Nike has the highest standards in their products, but with a higher standard and a huge brand name boils down to more money to the consumers. Some people are willing to pay the $300.00 for the Tiger Wood's golf shoes but to be honest, not a lot of people are able to ante up that kind of cash. If you are looking for Discount Golf Shoes, the Nike brand might not be ideal choice for you. Nike does offer a shoe that costs a quarter of that, but you can believe you are not getting the premium quality golf shoe you may be able to buy somewhere else for $75.00. To be honest, half the time you are only buying the Nike swoosh on the side of the shoe versus a quality product.